Useful to know

„PETRONAS SYNTIUM“ oil has a unique composition that absorbs and by providing the maximum performance for your engine. PETRONAS oil is the best solution for all vehicles because it provides good performance, protects and saves fuel consumption and has acquired many official approvals from vehicle manufacturers.

„PETRONAS SYNTIUM“ oil is suitable for all cars. It is specially designed for use in all high-performance multi-valve engines with turbo or mechanical insufflation. Whenever you are on the road, off-road or on the race track, you can be sure that this oil provides minimal wear and tear, maximum protection and the best performance for your vehicle.

The most appropriate engine oil viscosity class is the one that refers to the vehicle user guide or is recommended by the manufacturer. You can also consult with an authoritative dealer or an experienced mechanic. “Petronas Syntium” product group has oils in different viscosity grades suitable for different type of cars.

All engine oils are designed in accordance with the valid requirements of car manufacturers. Supplementation with oil of the same brand and viscosity does not cause any problems. However, for maximum effectiveness, it is not recommended of mixing oils with different compositions, it can cause the chemical imbalances. Finally, your car will loose its efficiency. To maintain a high level efficiency of the engine use “Petronas Syntium” oils and lubricants.

No, because this may affect the engine manufacturer’s warranty. Additional additives can change the characteristics and chemical composition of “Petronas Syntium”. Finally, your car can lose some or even all of the Petronas Syntium oil provided advantages.

The oil drain interval may be extenders in the following cases:

  • when you drive in non-urban conditions and roads are long-distance (more than 20km);
  • when weather conditions are not harsh and there is minimal climate changes;
  • when you drive in non-extreme mode by smoothly accelerating and stopping;

The oil change interval may be reduced in the following cases:

  • when driving short distances, engine cannot warm-up and reaches the operational temperature;
  • often driving in sandy and dusty areas (gravel road);
  • driving in cold weather conditions when the engine cannot warm up enough;
  • engine operates at idling speed for long time, standing still or frequently driving in traffic jams;
  • if there is a cargo in the trailer;
  • if the engine is heavy loaded, particularly high engine speed or in extreme driving..

The fairest solution is to follow car manufacturer’s recommendations of oil change. When changing the oil at regular intervals you can maintain your car at the highest level. Remember that a clean engine is a powerful engine, i.e. the one that will give you the driving pleasure.