For business

For business

It is important that business of our clients will be successful, so we offer to choose PETRONAS products!

A wide range of transport and industrial companies are using our services.

The main our business activity is the wholesale and retail trade for PETRONAS oils, lubricants, petroleum products and fluids.

Lubrication product categories:

  • Oils for sports cars and passenger cards;
  • Diesel engine oils for heavy vehicle;
  • Agricultural oils and lubricants;
  • Oils for manual transmissions;
  • Oils for automatic transmissions;
  • Hydraulic oils;
  • Biodegradable oils;
  • Oils and lubricants for industrial reductors;
  • Oils for compressors;
  • Oils for cooling compressors;
  • Oils for industrial turbines;
  • Oils for guiding machines;
  • Oils for vacuum pumps;
  • Oils for pneumatic tools;
  • Chain oils;
  • Oils for forms and separations;
  • Oils for spindle and high spindle engines in the textile industry;
  • White medical and technical oils;
  • Oils for industrial gas engines;
  • Oils and emulsions for metal cutting;
  • 4-strokes (4T) oils for motorcycles;
  • 2-strokes (2T) oils for motorcycles;
  • Oils for two-stroke engines mixed with fuel;
  • Oils for front forks of motocross and motorcycles for travelling;
  • Oils for hanging engines of boats;
  • Oils and lubricants for ships;
  • Oils for steam cylinders;
  • Oils for heat exchangers and oils for heat transfer;
  • Brake fluids;
  • Consistent, plastic grease;
  • Various special operating fluids.

Contact us and we will offer you the best lubrication solution for cars and equipment to work without any downtime!