E-commerce Petronas Gamma SyntiumPETRONAS E-COMMERCE IN THE Latvia. We have integrated E-commerce in our business activity, in other words – online shop and market to our existing and potential customers so they could purchase PETRONAS oils and lubricants, supplies, car and motorcycle care products and other PETRONAS goods without leaving home or office. We will deliver purchased goods to the requested address. This is a tremendous opportunity to expand the availability to PETRONAS products without any limitation to sell products in one city or one country. Thanks to e-commerce, it is a great way to serve our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Electronic commerce is the form of business when a buyer electronically in virtual space and without any physical contact communicates with the seller, makes transactions and performs purchase-sale. In other words, it is a term covering business relations which are controlled electronically by using the latest IT technologies. All PETRONAS products available to purchase online in the LITHUANIA, LATVIA AND ESTONIA! Further information on discounts for oils and lubricants, special offers and products, purchase conditions you can find out by following the links below: Purchase PETRONAS products online PETRONAS loyalty card