Every driver should responsible take care of his/her car – the basic sets of the car must be periodically checked and serviced as required by the vehicle manufacturer.


  • Regularly check your engine oil, oil filter and oil level.
  • Check fuel filter.
  • Check air filter.
  • Check spark plugs and their wires.


  • Check oil level.

Power steering

  • Do not forget to check the power steering fluid level in the reservoir.

Brake system

  • Check brake fluid level.
  • Check all brake lines and make sure that there is no corroded areas and fluid leakage.

Cooling system

  • Check fluid level, add if necessary.

Car suspension

  • Make sure that all car suspension parts do not have any leakage and cracks (especially rubber parts) and that bolts and other fittings are tight.


Proper light functioning is particularly important in autumn and winter time. You can very simple check the light functioning by selecting neutral gear and parking brake, and then reconnecting lights one by one. Do not forget to check not only headlights, but also reverse lights and brake lights.


Regularly check tire pressure. Appropriate tire pressure is marked on the bottom of the pillar connecting front and rear doors and on storage compartment. It is especially useful to check the pressure in the spell of cold weather. Furthermore, take attention to tire wear and tear. If the outer edge is more worn than the inner edge, it is likely that you need to check the vehicle suspension and wheel adjustment.

Good condition car and road safety will help to avoid accidents on the road. Drive responsibly and safely!