When the time for engine oil chase is coming, many oil and lubricant users starting to look for discounts so that they could by a product cheaper. This is perfectly understandable and justifiable that each of us wants to save, but in most cases these buyers are not bind to any brand and are not loyal to it. Perhaps it came from supermarkets – people are buying necessary and unnecessary gods that have discounts.

For the customers in Latvia we have an individual solution!
Purchase oils and lubricants with discounts, from any place anytime!

PETRONAS oils and lubricants can be purchased 24 hours a day!
All you need is the PETRONAS Loyalty card and you could purchase PETRONAS products with discount without any restrictions, no matter what season it is and whenever you need to change your car’s oil!

PETRONAS oils and lubricants with discount can be purchased online!

PETRONAS oil recommendation and selection  – by your car and its brand.

We value every customer, no matter how big or small demand is for oils, we have developed various loyalty programs. Petronas loyalty programs are intended to be not only for individual drivers or end users but also to wholesalers and legal entities who have their own auto park, lawnmower, motorcycle or any other equipment requires high-quality oil.


Loyalty program for business Loyalty program for consumer