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PETRONAS SYNTIUM – engine oil for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles for optimum performance on the road. PETRONAS (PLI) is the official technology partner to the Mercedes GP PETRONAS F1 team. PETRONAS oils meet the most stringent industry standards and are designed to protect your car‘s engine in the most challenging driving conditions. Car traffic, up steep hills, sudden acceleration on highways put engine under a lot of stress, but PETRONAS SYNTIUM oils („CoolTech™ technology“) reduce the excessive engine heat and gives you the opportunity to drive without any problems and protect your car to maximum. PETRONAS SYNTIUM engine oils are suitable for petrol, diesel and gasoline car engines.


PETRONAS professional experience obtained in cooperation with MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team and active participation in motorsport has helped to create a high quality SYNTIUM oils for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

PETRONAS SYNTIUM – is unique chemical formula engine oils with CoolTech™ patented technology.

CoolTech™ (or Petronas Syntium Defense, depending on what market it is sold) benefits:

72% better oil resistance and wear and tear protection compared with ILSAC-GF5 – latest set standards limits.

62% better oil resistance to oxidation and aging. It ensures lubrication and cooling of critical engine components. Oxidation control test was performed at 150 °C, time – 100 hours.

32% better oil resistance to deposit control in the engine compared with the latest industry standards and requirements.

petronas-syntium-motoPETRONAS SPRINTA – oils for motorcycles and scooters with 4T four-stroke and 2T two-stroke engines. They are designed to maintain a clean engine from the inside and ensure smooth gear change. Syntium moto oils provide the optimal lubricating on a great variety of operating conditions, such as driving a motorcycle in extreme conditions, in racetracks and at peak times at especially high engine speeds. It is the proven quality for those who are looking for maximum performance and engine protection.

petronas-uraniaPETRONAS URANIA is a range of diesel engine oils for commercial vehicles such as truck tractors, trucks, buses and other heavy equipment that works in difficult operating conditions. PETRONAS Urania Premium oils are environmentally friendly, low ash content (Low-Ash technology) and are compatible with vehicle emission control devices like EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) and/or DPF (diesel particulate filter) system.

petronas-parafluPETRONAS PARAFLU – antifreeze and coolants protecting cooling systems of cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery and construction machinery. It cools engine during hot season and protects cooling system from freezing during cold season and provides excellent protection against the formation of scaling and corrosion.

petronas-tutelaPETRONAS TUTELA – automatic and manual transmission gear oils. Automatic transmission (ATF) and steering equipment fluids for cars. A wide range of Tutela oils provides excellent cooperation opportunities with a number of original equipment and gearboxes manufacturers (OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer). As well Tutela brand produces dense consistent lubricants for bearings.

petronas-arborPETRONAS ARBOR – oils for earthwork machinery such as bulldozers, graders, loading machines, mini excavators, dump trucks, and tractors and transporting machinery. In order to perform certain tasks each such machine has its own specifics which require different operating characteristics and suited lubricant to protect expensive equipment. Selenia has developed a wide range of Arbor oils and lubricants tailored to work in the most extreme conditions: different equipment, in different situations and different weather conditions. Arbor range comprises engine oils, transmission oils, hydraulic oils, bio oils (biologically degradable oils), chain oils, lubricants for bearings, pins, hinges, brake fluids and coolants for radiators. A complete range of lubricant products are suited for earth moving machines for all situations.

petronas-akrosPETRONAS AKROS – agri-oils suited for farmers who have tractors, harvesters or other agricultural machinery park.

Agriculture is one of the fastest developing industries where a requirement for oils and functional fluids gradually rises. New generation AKROS oils meet high technological requirements.

Various reasons include:

New technologies and more and more sophisticated components installed in machinery;
Reinforcement of international regulations to reduce emission;
The extremely severe operating conditions of agricultural machinery.

AKROS oils and lubricants range provides an optimal response to these multiple requirements, protects your agricultural machinery, reduces downtime and increases work efficiency.

petronas-durancePETRONAS Durance – motorcycle and car care products. Durance products will provide the best protection for your vehicle – both car and motorcycle.

Auto care – interior care, exterior care and polishing products.

Moto care – motorcycle polish, cleaning agent, helmets care, circuit care lubrication products.

Accessories – various accessories for gasoline and diesel vehicles, jet care, fuel additive to raise the octane number.


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