Together we can preserve and protect the environment! Waste petroleum products and oil are those engine oils, transmission oils, thick lubricants and other lubricants which have become unsuitable for their original purpose. Waste oil is considered to be oils, lubricants and other operational chemical fluids mainly used in cars, trucks and industrial plants that are unsuitable for use.

Waste oil hazard to the environment and human health.

Oil and lubricants importer and end-users must actively contribute to the effective management of these wastes and proper organization and utilization of such products.

The threat to nature, environment and human health arises when oils and lubricants are improperly disposed (for example, discharging oil into the soil, contamination of groundwater or disposing oil into household waste containers). In the area of spilled oil, ground and growing plants are covered with airtight membrane. It penetrates deep into the groundwater which is consumed by most of the population. Contaminated groundwater gets into plants which are food for humans and animals. Heavy metals in waste oils can damage nerve system, kidneys or cause cancer.

The followings are strictly prohibited:

  • Do not dispose waste oil together with municipal waste and other waste. Disposal of hazardous waste with unsorted municipal waste is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not burn waste oil furnace or boilers as combustion emits carcinogenic materials that cause cancer, fertility disorders and respiratory diseases.
  • Do not transfer waste oil to persons or companies that are not authorized to manage petroleum product waste.

Waste oil recycling.

As required, oils and lubricants must be collected in accordance with the environmental requirements and processed and utilized so as they can be reused.

Waste oil handling.

Used oil can be handled over to authorized waste manager who has the right to manage such wastes. Mostly waste oils are accepted free of charge. You can easily find certified companies that officially and safely collect such waste online.

The potential damage due to incorrect disposal of used oil can be enormous.

Therefore we invite people and companies that use petroleum products, oils and lubricants contribute and participate in creating green and clean environment.

Waste sorting.

Recycle waste together and get rid of them properly! Do not contaminate our nature!

If you have any questions regarding the proper handling of oils and lubricants, please contact us and we will give you free information.