Often by making the decision we choose goods various goods only at the lowest price. However, it does not always mean that we saved money. It is important to choose high quality products where downtime or failure of trucks, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and industrial equipment can bring much greater losses than the difference between the more expensive and less expensive equipment of the same category. This rule is valid and for choosing oils and lubricants.

PETRONAS (PLI) research centers always invest in quality of lubrication products and application improval, therefore we offer only the highest quality PETRONAS oils and lubricants that gained recognition around the world in a wide range of business areas.

The following information will help you understand how many factors can affect your business, and business performance!

Economic calculations and benefits:

  • Fuel consumption reduction of Vehicle Park and calculations;
  • Electricity cost reduction and recommendations industrial companies;
  • Energy consumption measurement and comparison;
  • Calculation by switching from use of mineral or semi-synthetic oils and modification to fully synthetic oils, economic benefit;
  • Economic calculations for lubricants production optimization.

Engineer technical assistance:

  • Oil and lubricant monitoring and lubrication process optimization;
  • Calculation of lubrication costs and selection of the most effective lubrication product;
  • Technical maintenance advice for equipment lubrication;
  • The assessment of lubrication products operating conditions using thermal imager;
  • Lubrication scheduling;
  • Selection of lubrication systems, oil and lubricant compatibility;
  • Equipment for oil and lubricant collection-bottling;
  • Selection of oil lubricant analogs;
  • Oil and lubricant utilization and used oil collection;
  • Petroleum products, physical and chemical properties;
  • Technical trainings about oil and lubricants, their use and application.

Oil analysis and oil sample analysis helps to optimize:

  • Optimal operation time of equipment and drain intervals;
  • Extends oil lifetime;
  • Helps to avoid downtime;
  • Provides better protection and better care of equipment;
  • Extends equipment life;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Planning and timely oil change;

Oil storage, consultations on how to properly store oils and lubricants:

  • Oil storage outside – recommendations;
  • Oil storage inside – recommendations.

General information about trainings:

Professional and technical knowledge about oil and lubricants allows us to organize technical trainings.

Our clients become confident and able to better understand about the followings:

  • Petroleum production process;
  • Use of oils and lubricants;
  • Operating principles of gasoline and diesel engines and their lubrication;
  • Differences between mineral and synthetic oils;
  • Lubricant production principles;
  • Oil and lubricant additives significance in base oils;
  • Oil and lubricant use area.

If you want to get more information or if you have additional questions, we are happy to answer all your questions.

Contact us and we will provide a perfect solution tailored to your specific business area.